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Junior STEMnist Welcomes You
Building a Lifetime of Memories


Our Vision

To provide an equitable STEM education for all children to nurture a sustainable environment 

Our Mission

Stem education

Equitable education for all

Sustainable environment


Nivrithi Varghese

Founder and President

Hi! My name is Nivrithi Varghese and I am currently a senior at Sylvania Northview High School in Ohio. I have always had opportunities to discover and explore STEM growing up, so it has been an amazing experience to help others do the same, especially if they don’t have the opportunity to. 

This program aims to get kids exposure into the field of STEM, especially when they are not able to do that. We want to strive to provide an environment so that everyone can have equitable opportunities in exploring this amazing field. We specifically want to motivate and inspire girls, both here and in other countries, to participate in STEM activities and to learn more about STEM. This in turn will help close the gender gap in STEM and also help address environmental issues in different communities. We have taken various steps to achieve this goal, including conducting workshops, mentoring, online resources, providing material and partnering with other groups.

When we are able to learn more about our planet and how we can utilize science and engineering in the world of STEM, we can promote a sustainable and passionate future. We welcome you to come join us in the endeavor and enjoy this journey of learning and creating a stronger, knowledgeable and sustainable community.

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